Ian's Wishlist

Fresh Wishes

  1. Poser 6
  2. Emotion by Yoo Chae Yeong
  3. Black belts
  4. All black tennis/basketball shoes
  5. Screen capture tool that will make movies out of part of the screen
  6. Bruce Lee stuff
  7. Dragon stuff
  8. Asian stuff
  9. Microphone for PSP
  10. green/blue screen big enough for a person to stand in front of and does not glare in light
  11. Amiga Emulator to run Amiga games on PC
    (along with a way to read old amiga games from disc)
  12. Sobe

Old Wishes

  1. DVDs
  2. PSP
  3. PSP games
  4. PS2 Memory Card
  5. Para Para Paradise (PS2 Game)
  6. Grand Turismo 4 (PS2 Game)
  7. Radar detector for car
  8. Modern Mix of "Command of General" the theme to Wong Fei Hong
  9. SharkPort (PS2 accessory)
  10. Portable storage (usb/firewire hard drive)
  11. PS2 Mod Chip
  12. PS2 Steering wheel with force feedback and pedals
  13. PDA (color, camera, mp3 player, web access, syncs to outlook)
  14. XBox setup with Linux
  15. Final Cut Pro (Mac Software)
  16. Ying Yang Bowling Ball
  17. Duke Nukem Forever (unreleased)
  18. Tropical Cruise (with internet access!)