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Philip Tep

Phil is one of the closest friends I will ever have. Our bond is not one that can be easily described. He's like my old schoolmate, only we never went to school together. He's been like my roommate, but we've never lived together. He's like my brother, but wait I think we both "only-childs". So let’s see, what I can say then... he's the guy I used to race around in little cars with at Scandia, and now we racer bigger cars on the freeways together. Hmmm, we even went to traffic school together...hey so we did go school together once! It's true he's a baller, I've chased him around the court many a time usually resorting making him laugh so I'd have a chance. Yes, Phil has a relentless smile. It's been featured in many of our movies. Yes, Phil is an action movie star! If you're not allowed on the grass and he's around, I suggest you get off. Phil is also Taiko Boy. No one can make the drums thunder like he can....bouncing around like a rubber ball...just kidding! Phil shares my passion for games, and I think I've played more video games with him than anyone else. Perhaps consequently we have even developed a language which baffles other people. "Rise from your egg." But past all the games and all the smiles, Phil is a true friend that is always there for you when you need him. He’s pretty much up for going anywhere or doing anything. He’s very caring with his friends and relates to things going on around him very personally. Phil definitely has heart. That must be why we’re still hanging together from early days in summer camp to today.
Philip Tep

Xin Lu

The original *bouncer*. 

She talks kinda foooonie sometimes and has a very friendly dog. Yop yop. 


Jane Uy

My old ally in the war against Physics.... my rival in Puzzle Fighter, Tetris, Bust-A-Move.... but always my friend.
Jane Uy

Jessica Nguyen

Do you you think you know something about food? Jess knows more. Do you think you take a lot of photos of food? can't even compete with her! Jess is the ultimate foodie with knowledge from around the world. She's also super tough to beat at Candy Crush! Arrrrrg.....

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