My name is Max

      I am but three

      my eyes are swollen

      I cannot see

      I can not be loved

      for I am punished

      by cigarette burns

      I must do right

      I cant do wrong

      or else Im locked up

      all day long

      when I awake

      Im all alone

      the house is dark

      my folks arent home

      Im really just

      an expensive joke

      no more no less

      then speed or coke

      be quiet now!

      I hear a car

      my dad is back

      from Charlie's Bar

      I hear him curse

      my name he calls

      I squeeze myself

      against the wall

      on my bed

      its too late

      his face is twisted

      into hate

      I feel the pain

      again and again

      Oh dear God

      please let it end

     My name is Max

      I am but three

      last night my father murdered me......

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